Day 30: Employee of the Month

It was a really long day at work today – 11 hours. I didn’t end up going to the gym, since I was so tired after wrapping everything up at the office.

But the day started nicely; I was given an award at work this morning for being Associate of the Month. There’s one every month, so it’s not like it’s an amazing honor, but I was still surprised and pleased. I got a nice little wooden plaque, and my name is up on the office wall now. We were at our typical morning meeting, and the manager spoke well of me, dwelling for a bit on a duty that I do daily that isn’t typical of someone in my position. Every morning I charge advance deposits on certain reservations. I suppose many people would find it a dull task, but I like the reliability and routine. Since it’s one of my favorite tasks, it felt nice to have the boss pointing out that doing it helped the team.

The rest of the day was OK, with some ups and downs, but mostly it felt pretty level. We had two very large groups that checked in this morning, so most of my day was spent making sure that everything was in place to welcome the groups in without a hitch. There were some hairy moments, but everyone got in, so my job is done until tomorrow.

I was tired all day long, even though I got enough sleep last night (finally). I drank a little bit of coffee, but nowhere near as much as I typically do. I’m going to keep trying to cut back, to hopefully get my energy levels balanced, so I can get enough sleep at night, and not have to depend on so many cups of coffee every day to survive.

Today’s Weight: 192.2 Lbs.

Today’s Exercise: 10k steps


Day 21: Lazy Saturday

It’s Saturday, and I find there’s little to say. Last night I was at work until after 7pm, and by the time I got home I was absolutely knackered. The boyfriend came over, after all, and I worked on finding a little more energy to go out and get tapas down the street at Mimi’s. Afterwards, we talked about writing and movies and all things creative into the wee hours. It was a perfect night, as all nights are when spent in his company.

Unfortunately, though, since I didn’t go to sleep until around 3:30am, and woke up at 10:30 this morning to get my hair cut, I didn’t get nearly enough sleep. I’m running on empty, and my body and mind are feeling the effects. I had wanted to clean the house today, but I don’t feel cut out for it. I hand washed a couple of small loads of laundry and cleaned the litter boxes out, and then spent my evening window shopping for weird things on

Wow, this was one boring blog post. I’m going to bed.

Today’s Weight: 189.6 Lbs.